Working Wise: Planning, a key to our organization

Advertising agencies and design companies that have in-house talent must manage their resources wisely. In the creative marketing business, the finished product is a work of art as much as it’s a science.

The problem with most campaigns is that the marketing company delivers a pitch to consumers that the “client wanted,” rather than bringing home the messages that the market needs. Supply will always catch up to demand; the strategy however, and most importantly finding a brands niche or a first to market product, influences long-term success in sales acquired from any marketing company's advertising/promotional blueprint.

It’s a little-known fact that only somewhere between 2 and 10% of marketing dollars and time is not a complete waste of time. That is why in a modern world of endless competition, it’s imperative that your brand fits the space of the market that it’s selling in. More importantly, that it is creatively financed/produced to become remembered.

A good agency that helps their clients achieve sales goals through their marketing dollars investment. That’s all M.A.C. strives to do. Our commission is not earned if an ad just tells and doesn't sell anything. Managing our creative talent to keep a fresh flow of new ideas as new clients hire the agency’s services is the most difficult task for any company with a reputation to uphold, big or small. We like to plan every detail, so, Miami Ad Co schedules projects conservatively and prefers a “boutique size” level of face-to-face person-to-person small-business.